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So here's the deal. If your computer has a DVD player in it (and DVD software), you can download the videos from the left side (MPEG-2). If no DVD, you must download and install something with a modern codec. And if you gotta download a codec, go for the latest MPEG-4 technology, right? I recommend Media Player Classic. It's an open source media player that looks just like the standard Windows player so as not to confuse the masses, but is way better and comes with all the modern codecs under the hood. Then you can watch the superior-looking videos from the right column.

Big thanks to Monty Buckles for making both videos. 

For peeps with DVD players in their computers: For those without, you need first, then:
Memoranda (12.2 mb) Memoranda (9.1 mb)
Black Forest III (11.2 mb) Black Forest III (11.1 mb)



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