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I’m not into the name of this group. So from now on (in this recordreview) they’ll be known as – THE YELPOIDS. I think that’s a name that suits ‘em. So the Yelpoids, they’re this rank Oblivians trash that’s been left out in garage for a good five weeks, or so. The Yelpoids smell like yr sweaty socks, you know that smell, like old Oreo’s cookies, and you keep thinking to yrself, "I wonder if they taste like old Oreo’s cookies too?" The Yelpoids…they are you eating yr sweaty socks…lick it up, baby…Lick It Up. (JD)

Los Huevos - "Stick Em Up" 7"
This stuff makes my head spin. It's the sound of four instruments trying to occupy the same place at the same time. The band churns up a frenzied garage punk and the vocals, well, they're impossible to decipher so you're guess is as good as mine but when it all works this sort of sonic turpentine is good for what ails you. "Stick 'em Up (You're Mine)" is tops.
-Go Metric

Los Huevos - "Stick Em Up" 7"
Oh yes. As I am writing this, I am alone at MRR headquarters. It's completely deserted. I think it's the first time I've ever been the only one here. The nice part of that is I can play this record over and over at the perfect volume- REALLY LOUD. This sounds absolutely fantastic. LOS HUEVOS have tragically broken up and here are the last four songs ever. Fast, short and trashy punk rock. Everything you need in a record. If you're like me, you already have all the other records so you know you need this. If this is the first you've heard of them, get off your ass and buy a good record for a change. Fuck my other reviews, I am going to play this all night long. (CK)
-Maximum RockNRoll

A-Frames – Plastica/Hospital 7"
The A-Frames are a loud, lo-fi, garage punk group. They’re a riotous, unreal mind-trip. Base, bare, turbulent rock ‘n’ roll, the stuff King Louie, Jay Reatard, and Thurston Moore go apeshit for. This is the A-Frames 2nd 7"; hopefully not their last. Thank you Mr. Soriano. (JD)

A-Frames – Neutron Bomb 7"
A Frames is trash punk band influenced by early 80s new wave - imagine Rip Off Records bands mixed with The Fall, Devo or early Stranglers. "Neutron Bomb" is great song, maybe little bit short, but you can play it few times before you turn the other side of 7". On the other side we have "Radiation Generation" & "Test Tube Baby". "Radiation Generation" is great & it's my favorite. It's full of analog synth noises, pretty fast & punk. "Test Tube Baby" is much more new wave & little bit experimental. So watch out for A Frames 'cos when you hear them you'll ask for more.

A-Frames – Plastica/Hospital 7"
I've learned a helluva a lot from reading Scott Soriano's column in Maximum Rocknroll. He's a smart guy who can really write. Not only that, but he's proven to have great taste in music. Thus, whenever he puts out a new record, I always – always – pay attention. The A-Frames are the lucky band to christen Scott's new label, SS Records, and what a show-stopper! It's clanky, clunky, robotic, simple, quirky and overall, it's loud and distorted, like it was recorded in a digital garbage can. It seems like bands like this were more common in the late 70s when people were a bit more open minded towards music, when punk seemed to be more inclusive of experimental, arty music. The A Frames fucking nail that killer bombastic damaged wave sound of bands like the Urinals, the Electric Eels, the Screamers, etc… Though they don't sound quite like any of those bands, the A Frames would fit very nicely on a mix tape with them. I've said before and I'll say it again, one of the best things in the world is a 45 with a big hole separating two amazing songs. It's like magic. Boom! Play one song and you just keep playing it because it's so good, because you can't get enough. Then you flip it over and do the same with the other side. Get this now, 'cause it's destined to be a classic and easily one of the best of 2001. (SS Records 1114 21st St/Sacramento, CA 95814)

A-Frames - "Neutron Bomb" EP
Initial impressions: arch, minimal. Lyrics that read like compressed science-fiction horror stories ("electric death/destruction from the skies"), mangled guitar leads over choppy rhythms, martial drumming. "Test Tube Baby" combines upsetting prenatal imagery with a buzzing up-down punk riff, and "Radiation Generation" serves as an anthem for all the disaffected teenagers huffing pitchblende in America's back alleys. I've seen/heard/enjoyed the A-FRAMES ply their trade in front of a paying audience twice now, and while this disc doesn't convey all the magic of the live experience (they play this stuff loud, no mistake) it serves as a fine introduction for the willing listener. Try the A-FRAMES today! (JH)
-Maximum RockNRoll, January 2001

Perhaps the only good band in Seattle and as such inhabit the fringes of that town's music scene. While other Seattlans turn out tired rockisms, the A-Frames have taken rock'n roll and dumbed it down to the dumbest it will go and then toss in some smart. Not smart as in "Here's an augmented 5th," but smart as in knowing when to stop, knowing how to twist a song so it is familiar but not so much so that you can say "That sounds like the..." Call it songsmarts, sorta the rock'n roll equivalent of streetsmarts. If pressed for comparison, I'd toss out the Brainbombs go new wave (sans keyboard), but that attempt at pigeon-holing is selling the A-Frames short. Mixed into their sound are tinges of Stickmen With Rayguns, the Screamers, Hubble Bubble, X (Aussie), and even Gary Glitter. Almost as good on record as they are live and live they are fantastic. I recommend them to anyone. (Scott Soriano, Rama Lama Fa Fuck You)
-Maximum RockNRoll, January 2001

The Intelligence 7" (Dragnet Records)
The Intelligence is a fairly new band made up of members of the A-Frames, Double Fudge, and Heroic Trio. The record contains five tracks that start to sound similar to each other after a listen or two, but this is good news if you dig their sound, which I do. Side A opens with "Girlfriends and Boyfriends," which crosses the line between garage rock and spy rock very nicely. The second track, "Mindfuck ‘Em," has become my favorite Intelligence tune. This song employs a maniacal guitar line and a free-for-all breakdown but manages to remain extremely catchy. Side B opens with "I Fall to Pisces," yet another journey into insanity with a crazy guitar line that seems to dominate everything else on the track. "My First Wife" and "Cause Nobody Cares" round out the second side, both contain a spastic onslaught of guitars, but the latter also has a really nice driving bass line. The Intelligence play short songs that take you to the edge of your comfort level and then end as abruptly as they began. As much as I love intense guitar lines I would like to have heard more bass on drums on this record. The vocals are cool, going from almost spoken word to near screeching. Is this noise rock? Is this garage rock? Does it really matter? -Betty Brown

Although I'm a big fan of beefy bass lines, there's something about the stripped-down guitar and drum combo that always sounds good to me. Certain kinds of music played by the right musicians can definitely stand on their own in a 2 piece -- Double Fudge is one of those bands. Mike and Dean Fudge (also of Welcome) make more noise and generate more energy than most four-piece bands ever could. Their music can be described as spastic garage-punk. Jerky guitar lines and occasionally odd changes coupled with lyrics that could very well come from an angst-ridden teenager ("Do you Wanna Sleep Over?") make Double Fudge one of the most fun live bands in Seattle. Dressed in matching brown polyester suits and often flying high on a beer buzz, Dean and Mike don't take themselves too seriously -- a most endearing quality and welcome change in oh-so-hip Seattle. Unlike a lot of bands that are hoping to be "discovered" some day, Double Fudge plays their music purely for the fun of it. Double Fudge doesn't play out much so check 'em out if you get the chance.

The Diapers [sic], featuring members of the A-Frames, boast remarkably well-dressed frontmen who trade off vocals above a smart, driving, avant-sounding rock that gives respiration to the tradition of good, artful punk. This show will be as cool and sexy as Rosie Perez's nipple in the opening scene of Do the Right Thing.
-Jeff DeRoche, Up & Coming, The Stranger

A-Frames interview. The following is from the "bio" box in the Stranger. 
So who's the architect?

"That would have to be [singer/guitarist] Erin; he came up with the name. We were on tour listening to Melt Banana and driving on this curvy mountain road. We looked over and saw this A-frame house and thought, 'Perfect!'"
How long have you been together?
"We've been together since 1994 [wrong], but we've been through three drummers. Our current drummer, Lars (all Metallica jokes aside), had never been in a band before [wrong] and that's probably why he's working out. He didn't come pre-configured or anything."
Has punk been a major influence for you?
"Punk has definitely been a big influence, but we also listen to lots of more obscure bands from all over, really. Even no wave and new wave [even!]. We really like the bands that are innovative, as well as the ones that just plain rock."
Have you made friends with other people across the U.S. who are a part of the underground/DIY fabric?
[huh??] "Well, we definitely have a spiritual connection with all non-mainstream bands of yesterday and today. For instance, in Sacramento, we went down there and found people who are definitely kindred spirits - kids [if kids can be in their mid-30's] that run their own labels and put on their own shows. Those guys are releasing our second seven-inch. We pressed the first seven-inch ourselves, as well as our CD. It's great to have the freedom to just bypass the big labels and put out whatever the hell makes us happy."
Are the kids alright?
"Oh we don't know. We're all old, we don't know about the kids anymore. But we're sure they're doing just fine."



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