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Add $2 if ordering 7"s or CDs, add $3 if ordering an LP or LP with something else. This is for US shipping, other countries ask for rate.

A FRAMES - Police 1000/Traction 7"(S-S Records)
The latest vinyl release of these cosmic giant titans. Even more loud than last time, for me. The magic was captured during the legendary Karate Party/A Frames/Sir & the Young Men tour of 2000. You weren't there, I remember. Of that, I am certain. Mike Juice? Flanjo? Anyone? This is the brand new direction of this surprising little combo. Or is it???? Stay tuned! $3

A FRAMES - Complications b/w Frankenstein 7"(S-S Records)
Two more songs from the vaults, from the same April 2000 session as the Plastica 7". Recorded on 4-track cassette by Chris Woodhouse at the Loft in Sacramento. Frankenstein even features a guitar "solo" by the honorable Dianna Riggs. I know YOU get it. This has been out for a while, but we have just totally forgotten to put it on the site until now! $3 

VULVETTES - This Is the Science We Believe In CD (Dragnet) 
Intense, abrasive, abstract, catchy. These Bay Area boys were ahead of their time (this was c. 1996) and were too short-lived. This is 13 tracks of primitive expressionism and modern alienation. Like an autistic child genius. In the tradition of Bay Area luminaries as disparate as Tuxedomoon and Flipper. Members are now in The Sixteens and The Weegs... $10

BABYHEAD compilation LP (S-S Records)
We all love babyheads, right? From the masterminds at S-S Records comes this 13 track compilation that is all over the map, and in a real good way. That is, there really isn't a common theme or sound among any of these songs. A Frames, Antennas Errupt, the Blowtops, Blutt, Country Teasers, Crash Normal, Duchess of Saigon, Guinea Worms, the Intelligence, Klondike & York, the Piranhas, Sexy Prison, & Unnatural Helpers. $9

LOS HUEVOS - 4 song EP 7" (Dragnet) 
My vote for most aggressive punk single of the last 10 years. This tears your head off and makes you beg for more. Even crazier shit than the last LH single (where they did Crime better than Crime). These songs are apparently from the same session but are more jacked-up. On black vinyl, and like all Dragnet records, 300 copies. $3

THE MISTREATERS- No More/Bye Bye Bye (Goodbye Boozy) $3

DWARVES - How To Win Friends And Influence People (Rockin Bones) $7



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