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Better Volume in Ableton Live Mixing

When creating your final mix of a track, it is very important that all of your tracks have the best possible volume levels. You should always regulate the volume level of your tracks at each change of your composition. In addition, in many tracks you may want to fade a track in or out over time. Most musical producers will automate the track volume cloak to achieve these effects.

But, there is better way to volume mixing.

The best method to make volume dynamics is to use the utility plugin and automate its "Gain" control. This method provides you with the simple possible final mixing phase.

Here some tips, how to do this:

  • If you want to add volume changes to track, first you should insert the utility plugin for Ableton at the end of the tracks signal path.
  • Recording your volume changes to the "Gain" envelope.
  • Using the volume slider you should configure your overall track volume.

Gain Envelope

You need to copy the track volume envelope to the "Gain" envelope using these steps:

  • Insert the Utility plugin to the end of the tracks signal path
  • View the tracks volume envelope on the timeline
  • In the timeline, highlight the entire volume envelope with your mouse
  • Copy the envelope
  • Click on the "Gain" to view its envelope on the timeline
  • In the timeline, click your mouse on the beginning of the track
  • Paste the volume envelope into the "Gain" envelope


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