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MAY 2005

A few months ago, the dashing Monty Buckles finished up the very first ever A FRAMES video. We think it's perfection. Here's a big version (9.1 mb, 496x368) and a small version(3.8 mb, 160x128). Edit: sorry, I haven't figured out how to do this without making you download the codec. If all you see is some trippy visualizations while the song plays, you will need to install the Xvid codec.
If you can read this page that means the domain has finally transferred to the new host IP. Name2host is the cheapest there is, but their problems were annoying and new hassles prompted a change. Sorry bout that!

News flash! There is actually a new record for sale, and actually available from us NOW. It's a split 7" on Omnibus Records of COACHWHIPS one one side and INTELLIGENCE vs KARATE PARTY on the other. A real smoker. The Coachwhips deliver the magic as usual. On "our" side, it's three songs that were recorded during the "Black Forest" recording session, during a break when Erin left briefly for a family emergency (everyone's ok). So Lars, Woodhouse and I busted out a few quickies, and voila. One is an actual Intelligence song ("Dating Cops") and the other two were improvised on the spot. When Erin came back I took a break, he jumped in and they shat out a new DIPERS song "Lonnie Be Bad." That one's not on the record, but I'll put it up on the songs page when I've got a few minutes. And I should mention this is one of the THICKEST 7"s I've had the pleasure to fondle. Think the most recent BRAINBOMBS single or those early BLUTT records.

Also I had the wrong day listed on the next Intelligence show. It is SATURDAY April 30 (not Sunday). Thanks Tai for pointing that out. Krunk. I'm VERY SORRY that A Frames had to cancel the Bellingham show with virtually no notice. I had a family emergency of my own that came up.

A FRAMES are working on getting some shows out of town. This is what we have as of now

May 18 Portland The Towne Lounge w/the Hunches
May 20 San Francisco The Hemlock w/Tits
May 21 Oakland The Stork Club
May 22 Los Angeles off
May 23 Los Angeles The Scene (Glendale) w/the Lamps, the Guilty Hearts
May 24 Sacramento recording w/Woodhouse
May 25 Sacramento On the Y (9pm)
July 14 Minneapolis Triple Rock Social Club w/The Spits, Riverboat Gamblers
July 15 Chicago Empty Bottle w/Camaro Rouge & The Ponys? (maybe)
July 16 Appleton Richard Adventure's wedding




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