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May 2006

Been a long time

Lots of news to report~!

First off, we must announce Lars' departure from A FRAMES. We felt it was the best thing all round and we are all very much still compadres to the fuckin core. How could we not be? Taking over on drums is the unmistakable Thommy Northcut. He's also a badass sk8er, photographer, cook, dancer, his favorite color is brown and he likes to garden! He moved here not too long ago from the fried state of Kentucky. Our first show with Thommy was last Saturday at the Funhouse and it was lots of fun.

The Intelligence just returned from a massive European tour and I need to get with those guys to find out all about how great it was.

A FRAMES are heading to Europe too, now that the Intelligence have warmed up the audiences hahaha. But seriously, it's gonna happen. September 28 - October 11, look for more details soon here or at kissnrun.com.

And lastly, this ole site is long overdue for an extreme makeover. I'll get right on that.



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