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JUNE 2005

Well well it's been a few weeks since we got back from tour. It was the kickers backers tour -- 5 shows in 9 days. It was lots of fun, and we have to thank all our friends who made it happen: Ben, Tony, Bianca, Dan, The Weegs, Monty, Larry, Scott, all the bands we played with, anyone we forgot, and especially the Mexican restaurant in Ashland. Viva la Tres Pendejos!

We are very excited to have a show in September with one of our favorite bands ever, Old Time Relijun!

Apparently Sleater-Kinney has a new album out? And I read that it's awesome!

I had another go at encoding our video. If anyone didn't feel like installing the Xvid codec, you can try to download Memoranda and our brand new Monty Buckles creation, Black Forest III. Both encoded in glorious MPEG-2 technology. Which your computer may or may not be able to play. Each video is about 11 megs big.




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