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June 2006

hi! the intelligence has returned from europe and only 2 of us are dead. huge thanks to everyone involved especially Dutch Lars and kissnrun and Jacque and Lilly and Pascal and Volt and the Normals and Nacho and Von Grappa and the nurses and Roberto and Tom and Marcel and Alberto and the Pits and Louie the dude from Nashville Pussy and France and Spain and Holland and Germany most of the time and not Greezia too much and tons of others i can't list on this computer i have 5 minutes on. THANK YOU. i'll hopefully get some kind of journal up here soon too... Also, Lilly and Jack Volt put out a vinly version of the narnack 'bonus disc' with and extra song and Nacho from holy cobra society put out a new 3 song 7" that we should have at shows and will hopefully available here too shortly. we're playing 3 northwest shows with John Dwyer's (pink and brown/zeigenbock kompf/coachwhips/ocs/etc) new band YIKES! who are really great. 
june 29 portland @ dunes
june 30 seattle @ ss marie antoinette
july 1 olympia @ some house party



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