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Got back from Richard & Rebecca's wedding bash, and what a party it was. Legendary. Richard just may be the coolest motherfucker on the planet. No shit. Richard, thanks a ton to you & Rebecca for bringing us out, and to Rainer & Arman for getting us the other shows.

Not much to report right now. A FRAMES are taking a break from shows so we can work on some new songs. We do have one show coming up, September 3 at the Sunset Tavern withOLD TIME RELIJUN, who are one of our very faves. THE INTELLIGENCE will be going down the west coast with THE TYRADES in mid September. Once I know the dates I'll post them. There may be a longer tour out east for The Intelligence too...

A few of our pals in the COUNTRY TEASERS will be playing a show as THE REBEL here in Seattle on September 28th at the Rebar. Don't miss it.




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