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The Life path

Dexter movie subtitles

How to make music

If you decided that you want to be a music producer, first of all you need learn some tips for make music on you computer. With the development of technology today, it is now easy to make nice music through the use computers. Everybody can make beautiful music with the help of one's computer. In this article you will find out how to make music on your computer which is easy and fun.

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Using Vibrato Synthesizer

To create electronic music you may to use many effects in software. One of these effects is vibrato. When used appropriately, it has the potential to dramatically improve your basslines, leads, and vocals. In this article we show you how to use vibrato in electronic music production. For this you will need: Music software, for example Ableton Livel; VST Synthesizer, we will consider Synth1.

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Better Volume in Ableton Live Mixing

When creating your final mix of a track, it is very important that all of your tracks have the best possible volume levels. You should always regulate the volume level of your tracks at each change of your composition. In addition, in many tracks you may want to fade a track in or out over time. Most musical producers will automate the track volume cloak to achieve these effects.

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A FRAMES' new recording, "4", is almost all done. We recorded 12 songs at SOD Studio with Dan Strack of Factums/Fruit Bats fame. Scott S was here co-producing with us. There's just a few songs to remix, which will be done by the end of June. Not sure when it will come out, but that's up to Subpop's schedule I guess. We're really happy with it, and it was lots of fun having friends come down and contribute. There's some new appearances and some of the usual suspects are on it, including Climax Golden Twins, Josh Turgeon, Jo Claxton, Laura Cassidy, Wolfgang Acker, Jesse Paul Miller, Matthew Ford and Dan Strack.

We're doing a few Seattle shows this summer, and three shows in August along the west coast with The Pyramids,

jun 23 - seattle @ artworks (all ages), w/archaeoptryx (nyc)
july 14 - seattle @ funhouse, w/pink reason (green bay), hue blanc's joyless ones, kount fistula
july 27 - seattle @ funhouse, w/the lamps (la), haunted george, cheap time (nashville)
aug 3 - sf @ the hemlock, w/pyramids, pterodactyl (nyc)
aug 4 - sac @ fools foundation, w/pyramids, mutators (canada), sexy prison
aug 6 - portland @ dunes, w/pyramids, the professional man
aug 18 - seattle @ jules maes, w/pyramids, the shackles

So, the part in the last post where I said we were probably going to tour the west coast in May? Scratch that (sorry). Instead we're going to record our next record in May, at a place in Ballard with Steve Fisk. We now have enough material, have it rehearsed enough, to proceed past "go."

A tour is looking more like next spring because the record will definitely be out by then, and it's always more fun to have a new record on tour. We may be able to do a long weekend here or there in the meantime though....

Upcoming local shows:
Feb 24 - Pub 340 in Vancouver BC, w/Shearing Pinx, Modern Creatures
Mar 2 - Alibi Room w/ DJ Matthew Ford
Mar 23 - Rendezvous, w/ Factums, Kount Fistula
May 5 - Comet, w/The Professional Man
May 12 - Funhouse, w/Cheveu (from France!), Tyvek (Detroit!), Nice Smile
Greetings. I thought it might be time to give a state of the union. A FRAMES is still in existence, we're just being very quiet right now. We went on tour to Europe in September/October 2006 and had an amazingly great time. Thank you to everyone who came to the shows, played with us, put us up, booked us, etc, and also to Andy & Subpop for the tickets, Robert for the coordination/booking, and Ecky for driving etc. We can't wait to return.

Next tour for us will likely be in May down the west coast, but nothing's been set up yet.

The next album will be called MIDNIGHT VISIONS and will be on Subpop if they like it. We are still working on the last couple songs before we can book the studio time.

Next shows are Feb 3 at The Funhouse, and Feb 24 in Vancouver BC. Hope to see you there.

Now back to our irregularly unscheduled

hi! the intelligence has returned from europe and only 2 of us are dead. huge thanks to everyone involved especially Dutch Lars and kissnrun and Jacque and Lilly and Pascal and Volt and the Normals and Nacho and Von Grappa and the nurses and Roberto and Tom and Marcel and Alberto and the Pits and Louie the dude from Nashville Pussy and France and Spain and Holland and Germany most of the time and not Greezia too much and tons of others i can't list on this computer i have 5 minutes on. THANK YOU. i'll hopefully get some kind of journal up here soon too... Also, Lilly and Jack Volt put out a vinly version of the narnack 'bonus disc' with and extra song and Nacho from holy cobra society put out a new 3 song 7" that we should have at shows and will hopefully available here too shortly. we're playing 3 northwest shows with John Dwyer's (pink and brown/zeigenbock kompf/coachwhips/ocs/etc) new band YIKES! who are really great. 
june 29 portland @ dunes
june 30 seattle @ ss marie antoinette
july 1 olympia @ some house party



Been a long time

Lots of news to report~!

First off, we must announce Lars' departure from A FRAMES. We felt it was the best thing all round and we are all very much still compadres to the fuckin core. How could we not be? Taking over on drums is the unmistakable Thommy Northcut. He's also a badass sk8er, photographer, cook, dancer, his favorite color is brown and he likes to garden! He moved here not too long ago from the fried state of Kentucky. Our first show with Thommy was last Saturday at the Funhouse and it was lots of fun.

The Intelligence just returned from a massive European tour and I need to get with those guys to find out all about how great it was.

A FRAMES are heading to Europe too, now that the Intelligence have warmed up the audiences hahaha. But seriously, it's gonna happen. September 28 - October 11, look for more details soon here or at kissnrun.com.

And lastly, this ole site is long overdue for an extreme makeover. I'll get right on that.

I love you guys,



Intelligence does Europe

TEM! REad all about it: this just in from Intelligence HQ
we're going to play the fun house friday 14th withh
unatural helpers and part man part horse then the euro
dates are:

tue Apr 18 Bordeaux -- L'Inca
wed Apr 19
thu Apr 20 Sant Charles de la Rapita -- Pub Districte
fri Apr 21 Basauri -- Centro Civico Basozelai
sat Apr 22 Oviedo -- La Calleja de la Ciega
sun Apr 23 Madrid -- Siroco
mon Apr 24 Perpignan -- Eat Drink Bar
tue Apr 25 Marseille -- La Machine a Coudre
wed Apr 26
thu Apr 27 Torino -- tbc
fri Apr 28 Bassano del Grappa -- tbc
sat Apr 29 Subotica -- Yu Fest Cafe
sun Apr 30 Beograd -- Studentski Kulturni Centar
mon May 1 travel
tue May 2 Munchen -- Monofaktur
wed May 3 Stuttgart -- Wagon am Nordbahnhof
thu May 4 Strasbourg -- Zanzibar
fri May 5 Lyon --
sat May 6 Paris -- Point Ephemere
sun May 7 Kortrijk -- the Pit's
mon May 8 Nancy -- Zoo'bar
tue May 9 Marburg -- Cafe Trauma
wed May 10 travel
thu May 11 Oslo -- Elm Street
fri May 12 Stockholm -- Suburbia
sat May 13 Gothenburg -- Showdown @ Henriksberg
sun May 14 travel
mon May 15 Amsterdam -- Paradiso
tue May 16 Koln -- Sonic Ballroom
wed May 17
thu May 18 Groningen -- Vera
fri May 19 Utrecht -- dB's

So all you Euros, get on up. Throw your hands in the air! And...

the Intelligence are going to play MONDAY dec. 26th at the NEUMO/BAD JUJU place about 10:30. it's free, half off all drinks, we're the only band, and DJ Macdonalds Breakfast Sandwich (Jesse Pulses) will be DJ'ing everything from 'Kanye West to Leonard Cohen to the Jungle Book Soundtrack". Also I doubt it but we may have the new "Flight of the Donkeys" 12" there too.
Merry Christmas Everyone. i bet no one even sees this



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